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We explore all facets of the paranormal but focus on certain aspects of it to better understand the phenomena we perceive. We may see, feel, smell, or hear something unexplained and we perceive as ghosts or manifestations of the supernatural. Are they beings from another plane of existence or spirits of the dead? those are the questions we ask and the answers in which we seek.

We base our research on finding a correlation between paranormal phenomena with quantum physics, specifically string theory, Emergence theory and many other subsets of physics. we believe science can explain what we perceive as ghosts, poltergeist, and voices from the dead. String & Emergence theory tries to unify gravity and particle physics as we attempt to bring paranormal phenomena into the picture. 

Data acquisition is the cornerstone of our research. We use recording devices and equipment that measures magnetic fields and other environmental factors that may indicate the presence of paranormal phenomena and explain how it emerges. cross-referencing the data we acquire in the field with other data sets can drive the research.

The scientific method is essential to our research and data acquisition. We subject our ideas and hypotheses to this process in order to develop theories that can explain what we perceive as paranormal phenomena. This process ultimately refines, alters, expands, or rejects our ideas to further drive our research through proper experimentation.

Critical thinking is especially important when dealing with belief systems since most aspects of paranormal phenomena deal with archetypal concepts, theology, metaphysics, and faith. Objectivity is key when conducting analysis and evaluations in order to form judgments and conclusions.

We are working on a hypothesis that deals with the possibility that spiritual phenomena is involved with the ionization of air in certain situations. Cold spots that contain these ionized molecules will clump together & may be responsible for the manifestation of ghosts and other visual anomalies. If this hypothesis is to be tested, cloud chambers are the perfect scientific tool to test it. Watch this video for a detailed explanation.

Peer review is a step that must not be skipped during our quest to explain paranormal phenomena. Our results must be evaluated by others working in the same field and by the science community. Science and critical thinking is not closed minded and must align with the analysis and conclusion of others. It is the single most important aspect of finding the truth we subscribe to in our society.

"EVP" (Electronic Voice Phenomena) is a subject we research extensively. EVP's are sounds that are caught on audio recorders that could not be heard during their recording. Sometimes these sounds are strange and unidentifiable, but sometimes they are clearly voices. We validate EVP by using multiple recording devices and identifying infrasound and ultrasound contamination and sources. Learn more about our EVP research in our voice phenomena blog.

"DVP" (Disembodied Voice Phenomena) is an anomalous voice or sound that can be heard in real time and has spatial characteristics, reverberation, and echo. Multiple people may hear disembodied voices at the same time and can be recorded on multiple devices. The physics of DVP indicate that it is made up of acoustic energy, although we have no standardized hypothesis to explain it currently. It may derive from dimensional phasing.

"PK" (Psychokinesis) is The phenomenon of moving an object by a person or supernatural entity only with the help of mind or soul. Psychokinesis is the projection of psychic energy to move objects or to influence matter. Testing in the laboratory of what is called “micro-PK”, the human being’s ability to influence events even at subatomic or quantum level. We attempt to document this phenomenon and acquire data in order to explain it. The main question is not if it exists, but if it derives from the living, the supernatural or both. 

"ITC" (Instrumental-Trans Communication) is a subject and practice we have researched extensively these past few years. ITC is the communication between spirit entities and the living via electronic equipment or simple instruments. This includes radios, TV's, recorders, pendulums, water, and even smoke. The communication ranges from simple yes or no responses, images, to articulate conversations. The results of our ITC research are inconclusive, yet we continue to produce viable results with spirit boxes and EMF meters. Check out our in-depth tutorial concerning this research here.

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