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Justin Brown


Position: Founder/Lead Investigator


Specialty: Photography, Videography, Editing, Analysis & Shamanism 


DOB: April 15, 1979


Bio: Married/Father of three. After experiencing profound paranormal events in his early 20's and the untimely death of his father in 2011, Justin founded Interface Death in March 2013. He has compiled hundreds of hours of audio, video and environmental data concerning PK, EVP, ITC & Psychical research. His scientific and skeptical approach to paranormal research & investigation makes him a very sought after researcher. His main goal is to apply physics to paranormal phenomena by conducting field experiments and collecting data.

Jessica Bias

DOB: May 22nd, 1981

Position: Investigator/Team Psychic

Specialty: Claircognizance & Mental Mediumship

Bio: Mother of one. Jessica has experience as a co-host for talk shows in the MS (Multiple Sclerosis) community and has administrated many MS Facebook groups. Jessica has been interested in the paranormal since her childhood due to experiencing unexplained phenomena. After coming to terms with her daughter's psychic abilities, Jessica has discovered her own, displaying powerful clairvoyant abilities and connecting with spirit. Her clairvoyance, claircognizant and clairsentient abilities are used to do remote viewing and on-site readings for the team's field research. Studying her abilities by using blind experiments is key in understanding the psychic phenomena.

Darrick Schreiner

DOB: August 23rd, 1976

Position: Investigator/Tech Lead

Specialty: Tech Engineering & Development

Bio: Married, father of one. Multiple, unexplained experiences have led Darrick to find answers concerning paranormal phenomena and joined the team to assist in gathering data to support our paranormal hypotheses. His love for history and the unknown drive him and his knack for adventure gives him an edge in the field.

Missy Vastine

DOB: March 29th, 1977

Position: Investigator/Team Psychic

Specialty: Clairaudience & Physical Mediumship

Bio: Married, mother of one. Missy has experienced strange dreams after suffering from a stroke at the age of seven. She connects with spirit in her dreams from locations she plans on visiting or from beyond the veil. Missy may be a rare breed of physical medium, making her abilities confusing and difficult. She also has displayed the ability to bring voice phenomena into the physical world via DVP (Disembodied Voice Phenomena) and even channel spirit voices from her own mouth.  To find scientific proof of these abilities is crucial as we embark on a quest to explain the paranormal.

Josh Bender

DOB: June 4th 1980

Position: Investigator/Drone Photographer

Specialty: Infrared Lighting, Engineering and Visual Art

Bio: After experiencing paranormal phenomena in his youth, Josh was introduced to paranormal investigation in 2005 by a friend and has been hooked since. His curiosity with electronic voice phenomena and documenting historical and haunted places with his photography has placed him on a quest to discover the truth behind hauntings and the unknown. Josh joined with Interface Death in 2017 to help with photograpphy and infrared lighting. His custom made "Deadlites" have made a profound impact in the paranormal field of investigation.

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