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A Haunting at the Sanford School
  • A Haunting at the Sanford School

    Interface Death and Shadowforge Studios bring you their season finale of their sixth YouTube Season "Interface Death: Reborn" called A Haunting at the Sanford Center in Moundsville, WV. Moundsville is a small town located along the Ohio river and it has some seriously haunted qualities that may be caused by the proximity to Native American burial site known as Grave Creek Mound, a notoriously haunted prison (WVP) and an old school called the Sanford School that happens to be the home of the most impressive collection of haunted items in the mid west called the Archive of the Afterlife owned by Steve Hummel. If it's not enough to say the school is haunted, in a haunted town, the museum seems to add fuel to an already raging fire of high strangeness. Steve contacts the team and asks if they can come in and document the museum and investigate once again and this time, they left with profound experiences that would leave them wondering what has changed in the school. Did Steve acquire an item loaded with negative energy? Was the school responding to Steve's expansion of the museum? So many questions and not enough answers. Join the team as they investigate the Sanford School and Archive of the Afterlife in this hair-raising season finale.

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