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A Haunting at The Old Licking County Jail Bluray
  • A Haunting at The Old Licking County Jail Bluray

    Interface Death and Shadowforge Studios bring you their third installment of their sixth season Interface Death: Reborn in Newark, Ohio. The documentation of their paranormal investigation and psychical research takes place in a historic jail called the Old Licking County Jail, built in 1889 by renowned Ohio architect J. W. Yost in the Richardsonian Romanesque style architecture out of pink sandstone called "brownstone." Many deaths that took place in the jail, including three sheriffs and over a dozen inmates, would be believed to have caused the haunting that is reported by many staff members and paranormal investigators who frequent the jail across the country. The most famous deaths include Mae Varner, a woman jailed due to a suicide attempt, burned herself to death by catching her garb on fire in the top floor cell block, along with a dry agent named Carl Etherington who shot and killed a local sheriff during a scuffle over the illegal sale of alcohol. This led to Carl's incarceration and death by an angry mob of 3,500 angry citizen who stormed the jail in retaliation where they beat Carl nearly to death before lynching him from a telephone pole on the town square. Is the Old Licking County Jail haunted? Join the team as they brave the dark cell blocks in the most haunted jail in the mid west.

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