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Interface Death is a paranormal research group comprised of filmmakers, psychics, EMT's and technicians from the mid-west. Our objective is to acquire data from the investigations we conduct in the field in order to test hypotheses and develop theories that correlate paranormal phenomena with the laws of physics. If we can explain the paranormal in this way, we can help those who are disturbed by supernatural events in their lives and answer some of the biggest existential questions of our time. We want to remove the "Para" from the paranormal. 

Some of us define our work as spiritual with applied principals of science and research practices. Our personal beliefs concerning the existence of God and the afterlife do not directly impact our research but are considered. Whether we individually find answers for the questions regarding the details of our beliefs or not, our main objective is to only redefine the paranormal. We strive to learn the underlining details of the unknown and pierce through the veil of misconceptions, misidentifications and aberrations of human perception.

Documenting this journey is a passion we all share and is an expression of our willingness to connect with others through film making. We produce tutorials, live streams and documentaries that tell a creative but factual story of our quest to explain paranormal phenomena. Follow us into the unknown. 

Interface Death and Shadowforge Studios bring you another season of paranormal research and investigation in some of the most haunted places in the mid-west. Join us on YouTube as we embark on an incredible journey that explores the unknown in ways never imagined.

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